Iggy Pop at Flow Festival


Iggy Pop at Flow Festival

I have been photographing Iggy Pop for 29 years, 2 months, 6 days – but who´s counting 😉 …. Here´s original black and white photography on  film in 6.6.1987 while Iggy Pop was performing in Provinssi Rock Festival in Seinäjoki Finland in the most chaotic, unreal, muddy and hopeful gig that i have been in to so far… look more in my blog


Iggy Pop on film at Provinssi Rock 1987

More my photography festival photos of Mister Osterberg:

  • Iggy Pop is graphic in my blog
  • Iggy Pop touched people – or vice versa in my blog
  • Like a loco mosquito… Forget those ridicilous olympics with ecological disaters and destroying favelas: Here´s Iggy Pop in tight spot… in my blog  Or – in the other hand – don´t forget…
  • Iggy Pop used lots of scorsesean image language of victim/saviour in my blog
  • More best shots of Iggy in 12.08.2016 Suvilahti, Helsinki in my Flickr page...

Iggy´s having a bath – like in John Waters film..


Cheeky Iggy challenging us..









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